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Section Technologies focus is on adding value to their customers businesses by ensuring that their IT systems and its operators function effectively and that issues that arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our focus is on removing your IT headache. 

As busy business owner we know only too well that team member interruptions throughout the day due to IT issues can be both time consuming and at times inconvenient/annoying. We act as you IT support team so instead of them interrupting managers the team member simply calls us and we manage the issue. 

How do we make sure you and your business run's efficiently and smoothly:

  • Manage your teams IT issues through our office via phone and email.
  • Provide IT technical support over the phone where possible via remote sessions (this minimises the need for us to be in your office disrupting work further as well as being charged for at a lower rate as we do not need to come on site)
  • Produce monthly reports so that your business can track what issues have been raised, by whom, time taken on each task and what training may need to be provided to eliminate these issues.
  • Quarterly Review meetings are also carried out where we meet with you to discuss the past quarters activites, any suggestions we may have to improve your systems and equipment, learn of any upcoming changes you may have in the pipeline that we can assist with and finally an overall look at how your company is tracking in regard to IT.

The key areas of our expertise are:
  • Effective communication skills to ensure “techy phobia” is avoided
  • Cloud based solutions
  • IT technical support packages
  • Custom IT technical support
  • Response to IT issues and effecting speedy solutions
  • Development of IT systems through new and proven technology
  • Training and development of customers IT users
  • Advise on the most cost effective and latest software and hardware solutions
  • Data Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Automated Backup

  • Disaster recovery is an integral part of our service and it would be irresponsible for us not to ensure that our customers have a modern cost effective solution in case of disaster. Many businesses never recover from the cost, loss of data and trauma of a disaster such as fire, flood, power outage or human error. Many business insurance policies require company’s to have systems and procedures in place that minimise the impact of such loss. [Please refer to “Back-up & Disaster recovery (shadow Protect)” section]
    We have a number of Care Plan Support Service Packages or pre-purchased hours options available.

    Call us to discuss your options on 1300 330 196.

    Contact us on 1300 330 196

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