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Written by Adam Gurrie


Why use (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication?

MFA allows a second level of security against an account. As this blog is about your email, it prevents an outside user being able to access your emails if they guess your password.

The essential purpose of MFA is to provide trust and security that multiple authentications are required to access personal/corperate information.

How is (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication enabled?

MFA can be enabled/enforced from the Exchange Administrator Portal for the account.

What is the (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication process for end users?

The process is relativly simple. However it does require a few things. A phone number if you want your authentication to be via phone call. A smart phone with an MFA app installed if you want to confirm with a random number or by pressing the okay button.

As an end user, how can i start the (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication process?

The starting portal is located here: https://aka.ms/mfasetup

From here you can define your authentication approach. Then simply follow the prompts to complete the process

Your email account will need to be verified when this MFA policy is enforced and this is a one time process. (Not each time you attempt to login to your emails).

Note: Your Computers, Your Phones, Your Tablets will all need to be confirmed with MFA when enabled.


Can i get help enabling the (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication process?

Absolutely. The process can be quite painless when working with one of our technicians to guide you through the process. We will help you answer the questions like:

  • What sort of authentication should i use?
  • What happens if i loose my mobile phone, can i still login?
  • What do i do if my details change?
  • Do i have the ability to manage the authenticaiton methods myself?

Simply get in contact with us here via our online contact form or start a chat with us directly.

We hope the above article has been of help, please let us know if you would like any further information.

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