DriveLock – Device Encryption

Encryption 2 Go - File Protection

Disk Protection

Centeral Managment of Bitlocker

Data Loss Prevention

Encryption 2 go

The ready2go security solution ensuring the attainment of efficient and economical results

Individually tailored to meet your security requirements

DriveLock Encryption-2-Go: Transparent encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or removable disks

The best possible protection of your data stored in a dedicated instance

Low investment cost: complete solution without infrastructure investment

Smart CloudServices 24/7 – uncomplicated and available immediately

Centeral Managment of Bitlocker

Enforce BitLocker encryption policy

Make use of advanced authentication methods such as smart card, token or network boot

Enhance file and system protection to prevent unauthorised data access when BitLocker-protected Computers are decommissioned or recycled

Manage endpoints already configured with BitLocker

Actively decommission lost or stolen computers should they attempt to reconnect to the network

Rapidly determine the compliance status of individual computers or even of the enterprise itself in regards to BitLocker

Disk Protection

Support of login with username and password, as well as with X.509 certificates from Microsoft certificate store, or Mac OS X keychain for logging on to DriveLock File Protection

Quick & easy set-up – without the support of the IT administrator

DriveLock enables the access management to your own encrypted directories

DriveLock allows files or directories to be protected both centrally and locally at the level of departments, business units or teams

Efficient recovery and emergency procedures in case of a forgotten password, forgotten or lost smart card or token

Saves time and reduces costs

Data Loss Prevention

Controls and regulates the use of interface and applications no matter if within or outside the company network

Notifies users to confirm the copying of data to an external drive by signing with his password

Enables guidelines to prevent the copying of certain data to external media, with the exception of authorised persons

Application Control prevents the creation of a “shadow-IT”, which is outside the control and security of the IT department

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