3 Great Tips on Managing Your Emails Over the Holidays

Depending on your business, you will either shut down for a good few weeks or just the main national holidays. How you manage the business communications during this time is extremely important. For both big and small businesses, having consistent, high-quality responses to your customers during this time is vital.

1. Email Out of Office:
It is important to keep customers automatically up to date on how and when to do business with you. If you have people handling your workload, you will want to forward or share your email to them (which can be done automatically). If you are closed, you will want to provide them with a time-frame on when you look forward to doing business with them again, along with ways of contacting someone in an emergency (if you offer that kind of service).


2. Provide Value while you are away:
We can safely assume that you run a business with a lot of common questions. These may relate to sales, admin, support, etc. Create a list of the top 5/10/25 commonly asked questions/answers and make them available on your automated response. This could be via a link to that landing page on your website (Again this can all be setup in advance and be automated whilst you are away).

3. Under Promise and Over Deliver:
While you are away your workload is most likely going to increase, by how much really depends on your business at that time. Provide yourself some extra time in your automated replies. If you are coming back on the Monday 6th, add to your auto reply that you return Wednesday the 8th. This allows you time to catch up, prioritise and plan. If you get back to customers faster than the 8th, this can provide an unexpected positive benefit to the customer. It also allows you not to rush through those jobs and provide the same quality service you are known for.