8 Steps to Prepare Your Computer/Desk for Christmas Break or Holiday

  1.  Clean your desk of all private information or notes. There is nothing worse than someone reading a to do note on your desk and attempting to action in without all the information, in an attempt to be helpful.
  2. Clean your desk of all passwords. Passwords don’t belong on desks and especially when you’re away for extended periods of time. This is a security risk, not just to your PC but also your entire business network.
  3. Backup your documents and images, as although this is a festive time for many, it is a crime spree for others. Make sure your data is backed up offsite and tested.
    Ensure this is also encrypted. We have seen many people backup their documents to a USB drive and leave it in the car. The USB is stolen, and you now have a data breach of employees’ and customers’ personal information.
  4. Turn off everything that isn’t critical (your PC, printer, scanner) Be green and ensure they are all turned off at the wall. Not only do you reduce your fire risk, every little bit helps to reduce the damage to the planet.

5. Handover. If you are going away, make sure to provide a thorough handover to those that need it. Educate them on the process that YOU do, so the high standards of your work are maintained while you are away.

6. Set an Out of Office. It is important to inform both staff and customers that you are absent from the email system. We live in a world where we expect fast responses, so provide them an instant response that explains how to contact your team if required, and when you’ll return.

7. Inform your IT and Alarm company you will be closing down. This enables them to be aware and mindful should an issue arise in your absence.

8. Keep in mind that our summers can get very hot and Servers do NOT like this. Having good ventilation / air-con on in the server room will help reduce risks of it over heating and having a server failure whilst you are away (This should be all summer long but especially if you are not present to monitor the heat in the room).