Application Control

If every employee would be allowed to decide on their own, which software is being installed on their computer, a disaster is inevitable. With DriveLock Application Control you decide which applications are allowed. This individual protection goes far beyond the basic protection of the operating system.

The DriveLock Application Control allows you to easily secure all critical areas and the administrator can manage installed software centrally. Not approved software (e.g. ransomware) is stopped, before it can cause any harm.

Advantages of DriveLock Application Control

  • Stops unapproved applications before it can cause any harm
  • Contains database of most standard programs
  • Application Black and Whitelisting
  • Hash-based governance for software without continual updates
  • Easy and efficient configuration
  • Certificate-based governance for software with continual updates
  • Prevents Zero Day Exploits
  • User-defined access governance
  • Predefined rules remain active after a Software upgrade