Managed Services

What does this actually mean?


Well, time is money, we all know that. so if your IT equipment or systems fail you start incurring costs ( staff wages, not meeting deadlines on your projects)

we assist in keeping your business up and running by monitoring everything remotely. if equipment starts indicating issues we can act immediately to ensure it doesn’t impact your day to day running of the business

Some key things our packages cover & monitor are:

Monthly server maintenance

  • Carrying out windows updates/checking hard drives.

System administration

  • Keeping the system by removing no longer required user accounts

Quarterly review meetings 

  • discuss previous 3 months usage
  • find reoccurring training requirements
  • Plan next 3 months (any changes client knows about ie. new staff / leaving staff)
  • Project planning
  • Budget planning for equipment

Team awareness 

as a team, we discuss your setup on a monthly basis so all our team knows whats going on with your technical setup. This helps them to help you and your team promptly on a daily support basis. This also means you have an entire team putting their knowledge and skills together to ensure your business technology is working for you in the most cost-effective and productive way


we track all different elements of your technology so we can be ahead of the game in keeping your team working when they need to be.

We monitor the following:

  • Server
  • Internet

How this benefits your business

  • We can notify you out of hour if we see an issue
  • We can have a technician ready onsite either out of hours or at the start of your workday to fix any issues