Warranty Services

Section Technologies endeavors to make warranty services a smooth experience for our customers.

Section Technologies handles warranty work for all desktop systems and server systems and most of their components sold by Section Technologies within their warranty periods. Section Technologies normally does not handle warranty work for many of peripherals, accessories and consumables (see number 5 in Warranty Terms and Conditions section).

For Section Technologies covered warranty items, all you need to do is to bring in the faulty systems or components. Section Technologies staff will firstly verify the fault before further actions to be taken. Depends on the age of the systems or components, availability of individual components and complexity of the problems, waiting period can range from a few minutes to a few weeks.

For manufacturer covered warranty items, see below for contact information for service centres. If assistance is needed or any doubt please contact our support staff.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Warranty starts from the invoice date and covers only hardware items. Software issues are not covered under warranty. Software issues are not covered by our warranty (virtually they are not covered by any shop’s warranty) because users of computers have exclusive control of what software to install, how to configure and what operations to take place. Even most commonly used software from Microsoft have unclear number of faults and bugs which may cause unpredictable results under certain configuration, not to mention the overwhelming number of shareware and freeware available in the internet and from other unreliable sources. Not to forget viruses/worms are just ill-minded software aiming to damage computers or steal information from computers.
  2. All new computer system components include one (1) year return-to-base parts and labour warranty (with the exception of monitors, which have three-year manufacturers’ warranty unless otherwise specified).

2a. Should extended Warranty be arranged this will be as per the purchase agreement.

  1. All new parts and accessories include one (1) year return to base or return to service centre warranty.
  2. Repair works, second hand systems and second hand parts include thirty (30) days return to base warranty.
  3. Warranty periods for monitors, printers, scanners, modems, CD-RW drives and other peripheral devices vary (minimum one year) and are subject to individual manufacturer’s warranties. Section Technologies normally does not handle warranty work directly for some of these items (some items are to be returned to manufacturers’ service centres). Ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges cannot be returned after they are opened.

6 Section Technologies is not responsible for data loss incurred during warranty or service period. Data corruption and data loss can occur due to hardware fault, physical impact, software malfunction, virus attacks, hacker attacks, users’ operational mistakes, environmental issues and many other factors. Theoretically it can occur at any point of time, including during the time the computer systems or data storage devices are being serviced by our professional staff. While Section Technologies staff will be extremely careful and take all precautions and measures whenever it is necessary and feasible about users’ valuable data, we do not take final responsibility for customer’s data security and integrity. Data backup is customers’ own responsibility. Customers are urged to have at least two back-up copies of critical data (1 Onsite, 1 Offsite).

  1. Section Technologies is not responsible for any damage incurred to and/or caused by items not purchased from Section Technologies.
  2. Warranty does not cover damage, malfunction or failure resulting from accidents, virus, misuses or misapplication, improper or unauthorized repair, neglect, modification or use of unauthorized parts or accessories, or improper voltage.
  3. Section Technologies does not recommend or support CPU over-clocking. Customers doing so void warranty.
  4. Section Technologies is not obliged to configure settings for a particular network or ISP that Section Technologies is not associated with or paid for by customers.
  5. The warranty is void if the serial number or shop label is removed.
  6. All systems and parts remain property of Section Technologies until fully paid and invoiced for.