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We believe every day is a school day. We are always discovering and educating customer on ways to improve reliability, reduce risk and optimise staff performance by using their technology to it’s full potential.

As information and data have become easier and faster to exchange, computer networks have started to grow to meet the demands. With this growth come challenges of capital expenditure on more desktops, storage, security, network roll-outs and even manpower, etc.
These challenges have inspired pioneers in technology to come up with innovative solutions to manage the growing pains and scale back and down the network size and resources required to manage IT. Section Technologies believes in these innovative solutions and that they will assist your organisation.

Your “Tech” is our business

‘Knowing technology’ is just a part of our business, knowing how your company works, what software you will be using and how each element helps keep your team productive is also a large part of our day to day running. Our team will integrate in with yours to ensure the relationship and communications are kept clear and ongoing.

Proactive support is a must in most businesses as we know any downtime is costly, both financially and reputation wise. We believe in staying on a job until it is fixed!!

Our Mission 

Supporting clients to understand their setup, how to grow and how to protect their business from any data loss dangers is what our team do. We love building the relationships with our clients, as when we become part of their Team that’s when we can help and support them in the best ways.

Inviting the Section Technologies Team along to our work Christmas Party only seemed natural as they work alongside us so closely to keep our team and business running on a day to day basis. 

Carolyn Geyer

Owner, Geyer Accountants

We work with companies and businesses of all sizes and have technicians who specialise in varying areas of IT. Our mission is to grow our team even further so that we can offer technical support responses within very short time frames (current support times are within 1 hour of making a non-urgent request for help) as let’s be honest who wants to wait to be helped.

One of the key areas we specialise in and are passionate to share with small to medium business is cyber and data security, this used to be something only large corporate companies could invest in but this is no longer the case and we want to educate anyone and everyone in ways they can protect themselves.

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We believe every day is a school day. We are always discovering and educating customer on ways to improve reliabilty, reduce risk, optimise staff performance.

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