Business IT Solutions

We take the stress out of choosing the best integrated IT solutions including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, servers, computer keyboards, printers, and phones for your business.

Business computer solutions

Which IT system is optimal for my business?

Choosing the right IT and computer systems for your business can be a daunting task.  How would you know which desktop or laptop computers, tablets, keyboards, printers, and phones are best for your unique business, especially if you have little technical background?

Making the wrong choice can result in wasted time, lost productivity, and unnecessary expenses.

Seeking advice from experts in the field can save a lot of time and money. Section Technology’s professional IT consultants will evaluate your current computer, IT, and hardware and recommend upgrades or replacements that align with the business’s goals and budget.

Plus, we advise on the latest technology trends and industry best practices, providing valuable insights that can help your company stay ahead of the competition.

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The team at Section Technologies has provided our Accounting & Financial Planning businesses with great IT support over a number of years. They meet our small businesses IT needs from a technical & efficiency perspective, & are always helpful & friendly. Highly recommended!

Linda Turner

Practice Manager, Lindale Insurance

Is old IT is holding up your company’s growth?

Old IT and business computers can often hold up a company from growth in several ways.

Firstly, old IT and hardware can slow down day-to-day operations and reduce productivity, leading to a decrease in overall efficiency. This can result in delayed projects, missed deadlines, and increased costs.

Secondly, old technology may not be able to support new software and applications required for business growth, which can result in a lack of innovation and a failure to keep up with competitors.

Thirdly, security vulnerabilities and outdated software can increase the risk of cyberattacks, putting sensitive business information and customer data at risk.

In summary, not only can outdated business IT systems cause frustration, but using old computers can create significant roadblocks to growth, hindering a company’s ability to stay competitive and adapt to changing business environments.

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blue screen laptop

Outstanding customer service and support. I have complete faith in our IT systems and infrastructure thanks to these guys.

Steve Pullen

General Manager, Frames Now

Computer Hardware Solutions


Providing businesses with high-performance and scalable server solutions, designed to handle demanding workloads and minimise downtime.

Laptop & Desktop Computers

With a focus on performance, reliability, and flexibility, we provide laptops and desktops that will enhance productivity and support various work environments.


With the increasing reliance on robust and secure networks, Section Technologies understands the importance of reliable and high-performance routers, providing routers that are equipped with advanced features like high-speed data transfer rates, multiple ports for seamless connectivity, and strong security protocols to safeguard sensitive data.

UPS Battery Backup Power Supply

Your trusted provider of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backup power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and protecting critical systems during power outages or fluctuations. With our range of UPS solutions, your business can safeguard valuable data, equipment, and sensitive electronics from power-related disruptions.

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Does your business have the most efficient IT systems setup?

At Section Technologies our IT and computer hardware advice is based on reliability and practical and technical performance, and we only recommend products to you that we have tested or used ourselves.

Our technicians will assist with any hardware issues you may have, recommending the relevant upgrades needed to run your business to its fullest potential.

From choosing the best server for your company to installing and setting up desktops, laptops, tablets, or even something as simple as upgrading monitors or keyboards, Section Technologies is your one-stop IT and computer hardware shop.

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