About Us

Section Technologies is not just a supplier of software, maintenance and IT Support in Melbourne. We like to think of ourselves as solution consultants.

The Difference: We choose to supply solutions we have done thorough research, testing and where possible used ourselves.

Our Policy: We only provide our customers with solutions we are convinced will assist them and decline one off transactions on solutions we are not familiar with.

Reason: We strive for customer satisfaction and retention, from enquiry, evaluation, through to implementation. We are with you the whole way. All solutions we supply are backed by our local premium Section Technologies 1st level nationwide support as well as IT consultancy, training and integration. We cannot offer the same level of ongoing service to solutions that we would deem to be a one off transaction.

The solutions and services we provide cater for SMBs, Not for Profit, Education, Corporate and all levels of Government.

Information Technology is a complex and rapidly changing environment.

So here at Section Technologies we try to keep IT simple.