Microsoft Windows 7 Discontinuation

In 2009, Microsoft committed to 10 years worth of support for Windows 7 which will come to an end on Friday 14th January 2020. If you continue to use Windows 7 after this date, your device will still work, however you will become far more vulnerable to security risks and viruses due to the lack of security updates.

There have been a number of Windows Operating system releases over time.

Some were amazing, some were really bad and should not have made it.

Here is a timeline look at the releases and how good they were.

Good releases = Above the line. Bad releases = Below the line

It is quite easy to see based on this timeline that Microsoft have a pattern of good/bad release. The good news is that Windows 10, after many updates/fixes, is on our list of great releases.

Common Questions:

Do I need to update: The short answer is Yes. This is because operating systems survive on updates. From a security and system safety perspective you should want to have this up to date. Protection against known issues/malicious attacks. Essentially, it’s the same reason you keep your Anti Virus up to date.

Will I lose all my data: If you are performing an upgrade, the large majority of your software should be okay if it is kept up to date. However if you have an 8 year old application that was designed for Windows 7 and the company no longer exists.. chances are there will not be a version of that particular software for Windows 10.  Commonly, there are variations of software that have been build for Windows 10.

How much does it cost: The official free upgrade opportunity has passed. However, it was definitely a great offer from Microsoft to allow users on older versions to move to something more secure.

There are still some machines that can upgrade for free.

What should I do before upgrading: It is always a great idea to backup all your personal and work files before you make significant change. This can be done using all sorts of different software, Shadow Protect, Veeam, Datto, Acronis just to name a few.

What happens if I don’t update: Your computer will continue to function as it always does, updates will no longer apply to the system and will therefore incur a significant increase in risk of using that computer on the internet.

What other people tend to do: A lot of people who are running Windows 7 tend to have some older hard drives that have become slow over time. We find a number of people choose this time to move to a solid state hard drive (Fast Hard Drive) and regain significant performance while doing this process.

For further information on this great process, speak to your trusted technical team.

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