How to change your password in Microsoft Office 365

by | Aug 26, 2019

From time to time it is best security practise to change your 365 password.

The process for this is very easy if all parties are educated prior to the change taking effect.

The best method is to do this before the due date. We have seen a number of cases where the password change trigger process fails for any number of reasons.
Pre Planning the change is your best bet.

To do this please follow the 7 steps below:

1: Visit the Microsoft Office 365 website at and login to your account
If you dont know your password please contact your internet support contact or get in touch with us at Section Technologies

2: Enter your Credentials as required. 

First your email address is asked.

Second is your password. If you have forgotten or misplaced your password you can talk to your IT team or if enabled; you can choose a the password reset option.


3: You may be prompted to choose between a Work / School account or a Personal account.

If you are a business, you are likely to fall into the Work / School account.


4: Now that you are logged into your account you can modify your settings. If you are on a PC, In the TOP right corner you will see your name. Selecting it will reveal a menu where you can “View your Account”

5: The Account menu provides you a number of options to manager your account. We are looking for the “Security & Privacy” area nested in the menu.

6: You will be presented with the Security and Privacy area. 

This will allow you to select the button to “Change my Password”


7: Now finally you are at the point where you can enter your old password AND new password.

Confirmation of the password is required to ensure that you have not mistyped it.

Now you are all done and your password is changed.




Q: What happens if i dont change my password?

When a due date for a 365 password is met, you will be forced to change the password.
This process is designed to be simple. However there are always times where this can fail.
We recommend you perform the process before the due date in order to maintain email continuity.

Q: Can i re-use the same password?

There is always the desire to re-use the same password or simply alter it with a number 1,2,3 ect at the end.
While this definately does allow your password to be changed, it reduces the effectivness of the password change to begin with.

We recommend using a Strong, Complex Password

We recommend this is a different Strong, Complex Password when it comes time to reset.


Q: What is a good password?

A good password is something that is complex in nature with no correlatted meaning to the user account its set to.

We recommend using a generated password:

 A number of suggestions for password security can also be found on this same page.

Q: Where can i store all my passwords safely?

Passwords can be so painful to remember that some users neglect security and just write it on a sticknote on the desktop. This is definately something want to warn against. Passwords are there for a reason and while they can be annoying, they serve a very valueable purpose.
In order to benefit form security and have the best of all worlds there are some ways to store passwords in a manner that allows you to retrieve your password in a quick and effective manner.

Some of these solutions are:

– Dashlane (
– LastPass (
– Enpass Password Manager (
– Keepass (
– Sticky Password (
RoboForm (