Imagine being a business owner faced with the nightmare that your systems have crashed, and your Backup and Recovery plan has failed.

This is exactly what happened to a manufacturing company that had been relying on internal and infrequent backups for their most crucial data.
So, how can businesses ensure their data is truly protected in the face of unexpected disasters?

To the company’s dismay, their latest backup failed to restore the data properly and due to irregular backup practices, a substantial amount of data had not been backed up at all.

The immediate impact on this company was significant downtime. Whilst employees were unable to perform their daily tasks, customers began to feel frustrated and overall, a decrease in productivity and profit.

Most importantly the loss of this important data meant that the company had to undertake extensive and costly data recreation efforts. This took team members away from their departments, impacting overall efficiency and profitability to the business. Additionally, this type of data loss had the potential to lead to legal consequences and compliance issues which would be devastating for any business.

The lesson learned throughout this incident, is the critical need for a strong and up-to-date backup and disaster recovery plan. It also highlighted the company’s vulnerability of relying solely on their internal plan and the company recognized the necessity of partnering with backup and disaster recovery specialists – (which is where Section Technologies came in).

This case study serves as an important reminder that businesses need to be proactive in safeguarding their data by implementing effective backup and disaster recovery plans, as the consequences could be terminal for your business.

Section Technologies can help!

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