When lockdown gives you lemons…

Many of us have found ourselves on a forced sabbatical from daily business operations due to stage 4 lockdown restrictions. Whilst this is generally considered not ideal for most of us, it’s actually not all bad!

How often have you found yourself wishing you had more time, to work on the parts of your business that are usually put to one side?

Things like business planning, marketing, social media, customer loyalty programs…the list is endless!

As lockdown has given us the gift of time, it’s the chance we’ve all been waiting for to stop and re-assess.

In this post we’ll give you 5 ways you can easily set your business up to operate more efficiently, generate more sales leads and improve customer satisfaction, once we’re able to return to normality.

No matter what industry your business is in, making sure your brand is being perceived in line with your mission statement is crucial. This allows you to position your business as a leader in your industry and attract the type of customers you want to work with.


1. Check Your Website

Making sure your website is up to date and easy for customers to navigate is important for increasing traffic and the amount of time individuals spend on your site.

It’s good practice to re-design your website every couple of years to keep it looking fresh and making sure your content is still relevant.

As the majority of consumers now use the internet on their phones or tablets it’s also vital to check that your website is properly optimized for viewing on these devices.


2. Use Social Media

Having relevant social media platforms set up with excellent content is a fantastic way to represent your brand.

Make sure that your social media platforms are relevant to your target demographic and that your content is consistent and engaging.

Social media, specifically Facebook, is widely used across almost all demographics.

Using social media to increase your brand awareness as well as generate leads is low cost and easily measurable.


3. Update Your Logo

Your logo is the first thing customers see and should give an accurate snapshot of what your business represents.

Trends change and your business will have evolved over time.

Your logo needs to be updated to reflect the current market and how your business has changed since you first started. Important elements to take into consideration are colours, graphics and simplicity.  

Redesigning your logo can feel like a fresh start and be incredibly motivating!


 4. Assess Your Advertising Material

Thinking about what material you currently use (if any!), has it generated results?

It’s a good idea to work out how your target demographic prefers to communicate and create advertising material to work with this.

Advertising material can be digital, hard copy or a combination.

A good tip if you’re unsure which type of material works best is to split test. This involves advertising the same product or service in two different ways and comparing which performed better.


5. Write Blog Posts

Human connection is something we can forget the importance of in the age of digitalization.

Maintaining this connection with current customers and using it as a reason for new customers to buy your product or service is an incredibly useful tool.

Writing blogs is a way to engage with people and give them an insight into your life and business. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website and give you good content for sharing on social media.

If you haven’t written a blog post before, why not start with writing about how this lockdown has affected your business? What are you doing differently? How is your experience working from home?



So, use this time to build your brand. Create connections and update, update, update! Make sure you end this lockdown feeling excited and motivated.

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