When you’re running a business, the last thing you need is losing hours of your working day due to I.T headaches and hiccups!

How many times have you had to ask yourself these questions or experienced these situations?

  • I have a new employee, how do I get them set up and logged in?
  • We had a power outage, how do we get everything running again?
  • My computer is running slow!
  • Why can’t I access the shared data folders?
  • My printer won’t work!
  • I wish I could….!!
  • Why do we have to wait for….?

Or simply…

%$#@&% HELP!!!!

Having a dedicated Technical Support Team whenever and wherever you find yourself with an I.T inconvenience is an invaluable resource.

At Section Technologies we want to help you do what you do best!

With our support we give you:



  • FAST responses to help you and your team stay productive and ensure your business runs smoothly
  • A team of tech’s on hand to support you and your team during business hours, after hours in needed and on call for urgent issues requiring immediate assistance.
  • Flexible support that can be delivered by phone, internet and on-site.



  • Comfort in knowing there are no silly questions!
  • Staff training by experienced professionals improving both confidence and productivity.
  • Collaboration with you to plan future I.T projects and upgrades.



  • Dealing with a local supplier who is focused on your needs, delivering tailored solutions for you and your business.
  • Independent advice based on practical, technical performance and reliability without product/supplier bias.
  • Strategic planning and budgeting to optimize the solutions we design for you.


We are a business to business support team with many years’ experience working with a variety of industries.

We are focused on building relationships with our clients to tailor make each support system and have solutions for all budgets- no problem is too big or too small!

Get in touch to book a no obligation review and find out how we can support your business.